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Barium Chloride

Barium chloride dihydrate supplier in India
Barium Chloride Anhydrous

We are at Silicon industries manufacture and export Barium Chloride Anhydrous. Due to our good chemical composition, Barium Chloride Anhydrous is eco-friendly in nature and high stability. Our Barium Chloride anhydrous is widely admired by our customers in the market. We are offering variety of products which is available in white crystalline powder and is free from moisture and other impurities. We provide barium chloride anhydrous exporter in Usa, Canada, Japan, Brazil and Iran at reasonable price and safe packing sizes and other specifications as per the demand of the customer.




Barium Chloride Anhydrous
Price of barium chloride dihydrate
Specifications :
Molecular Weight 208.27
Chemical Formula Bacl2
Percent 98 – 99.5%
Hazardous Yes
Health Severe (Poison)
Flammability None
Reactivity Slight
Storage color Blue
Skin Contact Irritation, redness and pain
Appearance Colorless, flat crystals
Odor Odorless
Solubility 31 g /100g
Specific Gravity 3.86@24C(75F)
% Volatiles by volume @ 21C (70F) 0
Ingredients Barium Chloride Anhydrous
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Barium Chloride Dehydrate
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Barium Chloride Dehydrate


Silicon Industries is well knows as one of the trustworthy manufacturers and exporters of high quality Barium Chloride Dehydrate. We offer Barium Chloride Dehydrate is a white crystalline powder, which contains two molecules of water. Barium is one of the most important water soluble salts and other alkalis. Barium Chloride Dehydrate is mainly used for purification of brine solution in caustic chlorine plants. Moreover, the offered products are processed using superior grade ingredients that are obtained from trusted vendors of the market. Barium Chloride Dehydrate is highly praised in the market for its longer shelf life, high efficiency and precise composition. We make sure to deliver our offered products at clients' destination within given time frame. 

Content of Barium Chlroide as (BaCl2 . 2H2O) 99.0% min
Matter insoluble in water 0.025% max
Iron (as Fe) 30 ppm max
pH of aqueous solution 6 - 8
Water soluble sulphides 50 ppm max
Strontium as Sr 0.03% max
Sodium as Na 0.03% max
Calcium as Ca 0.03% max
Magnesium as Mg 0.005% max Content of Barium Chlroide as (BaCl2 . 2H2O)
Barium Chloride

Barium Chloride

Sodium Hydrosulfide

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